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    Cast: Hannah Harper, Brittney Skye, Ariana Jollee, Brooke, Trina Michaels

    Lurking in the shadows of a beautiful young lingerie model's life lies a menacing figure whose obsession with her has crossed the line from adoring fan into a sick and twisted perversion that will lead you into the darkest depths of depravity ever imagined. Hannah Harper stars in this sordid tale of a young girl whose life is consumed with fear, betrayal and an insatiable lust. A story of a lying and cheating fiancee, an overzealous security officer and those tiny hidden cameras that pry into everyone's naughty sex lives and expose all their dirty little secrets for the world to see. The late-night sexual encounters and the mind-dizzying blowjobs are all captured by a perverted deviate who lives and breathes from behind an intruding camera lens. For those whose private lives are mercilessly unveiled, there is no way out of this twisted sexual nightmare.


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