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    Thumbs up BRAZZERS: Pornstars Punishment 70+ Videos

    [large]All Brazzers videos- Pornstars Punishment[/large]

    * Pornstarspunishment.com
    * Number of Scenes: 76
    * Categories: big dicks, milf, teen, anal

    Pornstars Punishment: These sluts have been very bad and they need to be
    punished! The only just punishment for them is hardcore-style punishment!
    Watch these dirty bitches enjoy getting fucked so hard they wished they
    never would have fucked up in the first place!


    o Papi's Little Princess
    Fevrier 03, 2011 - Rating: 9.01

    psp_jynx_maze-sd169.mp4 - TransitFile (307.17 MB) or
    FileServe (307.17 MB)

    Dark Alley's late at night aren't the place for little girls. Jynx finds herself with no place to go,
    no home or bed to lay her head, all because of a misunderstanding she had with her family that has led
    her to running away. She's trapped now, her innocence taken advantage off and her ass destroyed by a
    stranger she will be calling Papi this moment onwards.
    Pornstars: Jynx Maze, Jordan Ash
    Categories: big ass, big dicks, cumshot, deep throat, facial, hardcore, latina, natural tits, tattoo, teen

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/vsjwYkIv or http://www.fileserve.com/file/E7M77VK
    -> Streaming: http://userporn.com/watch_video.php?v=Bh4833bETJyD

    o Cock With A Vengeance
    Janvier 27, 2011 - Rating: 8.89

    psp_dylan_ryder-sd169.mp4 - TransitFiles(309.93 MB) or FileServe

    James is fed up of getting less attention than his dad's new gold-digging girlfriend. Every time he has
    something planned with him she comes in and destroys everything. One day, James forgets his wallet and
    heads back home only to find his dad's girlfriend fucking the gardener. Finally, James gets his revenge
    and shows her how he can also destroy one's plans.....and pussy!
    Pornstars: Dylan Ryder, James Deen
    Categories: big tits, brunette, facial, spanking, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/HF8EcpyymEKV

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/Mu58LTBZ or http://www.fileserve.com/file/EmrnrDT
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/HF8EcpyymEKV

    o Tickets vs. Marriage
    Janvier 20, 2011 - Rating: 7.47

    psp_lylith_lavey-sd169.mp4 (173.78 MB) or FileServe

    Lylith is going to a hip-hop concert her husband has allowed her to go to, she rallies up her girlfriend;
    however the unfortunate thing is that all the tickets left are super expensive, so she weighs the
    importance of her new marriage and concludes that the tickets are worth being fucked by the neighborhood
    scalper to get a discount.
    Pornstars: Lylith Lavey, Chris Johnson
    Categories: big dicks, big tits, blonde, deep throat, piercing, spanking, tattoo, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/cPoROKJpXxPi

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/M1m94FsS or http://www.fileserve.com/file/5pNF5eb
    Streaming : http://www.userporn.com/video/cPoROKJpXxPi[/url]


    o The Teacher Is Picking On Me
    Janvier 13, 2011 - Rating: 9.13

    psp_amia_miley-sd169.mp4 (225.76 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Amia is a college professor that finds pleasure in humiliating Jordan, one of the students, in front of
    the entire class. Knowing that he's not a strong reader, she has him to read a question from the text book.
    Jordan is completely embarrassed. When the class is over, he decides to stay and ask Amia why she treats
    him the way she does. Jordan has been patient enough with Amia and decides that she needs to be punished.
    Pornstars: Amia Miley, Jordan Ash
    Categories: brunette, deep throat, facial, petite, dominance, teachers, piercing
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/ICru8yMO8z2H

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/PFlxu7IF or http://www.fileserve.com/file/mYQAgk3
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/ICru8yMO8z2H


    o The Fan Bang
    Janvier 06, 2011 - Rating: 9.17

    psp_angelina_valentine-sd169.mp4 - TransitFiles(253.35 MB) or FileServe

    Criss has been waiting in line for hours to meet his favourite pornstar, Angelina Valentine. So you can
    imagine how bummed he gets when she tries to charge him 250$ for a freaking autograph. Not only that,
    but when he says he can't afford it she takes his poster away! Well, the only solution for this is to
    wait for her by her car, and stick that big cock in her tiny little ass.
    Pornstars: Angelina Valentine, Criss Strokes
    Categories: ass to mouth, big tits, tattoo, anal, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/V7Iq9sTi5I5R

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/WjXTj48o or http://www.fileserve.com/file/yXUgkr9
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/V7Iq9sTi5I5R


    o The Slutty Life
    December 30, 2010 - Rating: 8.37

    psp_bree_olson-sd169.mp4 (355.86 MB) or FileServe

    Bree is a spoiled rich girl who goes to James's house to film an episode of her show, The Slutty Life.
    At first, James is very accommodating, but he soon finds out that Bree is a vain, insufferable, spoiled
    brat with no morals. She is rude to his mother, encourages his sister to dress like a slut, and even
    manages to sabotage James's relationship with his fiancee. After a while, James can take it no more,
    and arranges to give Bree a parting gift: an intense session of Pornstar Punishment.
    Pornstars: Bree Olson, James Deen
    Categories: big tits, facial, anal, doggystyle, cum on tits, high heels

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/x3LgaF75 or http://www.fileserve.com/file/vUTrrbW
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/R4J9yRzy14hQ
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    o Guilty By Association
    Decambre 23, 2010 - Rating: 9.18

    psp_sienna_west-sd169.mp4 (395.06 MB) or FileServe

    Being famous comes at a cost especially if you aren't so nice to everyone. Sienna finds herself in a
    virtual world that she didn't order. Over the past couple of years virtual technology has allowed those
    that can afford it the opportunity to enter into simulated dreams. In this dream, Sienna is sent into
    Jordan's world where she gets punished in the ass for all her misgivings to others.
    Pornstars: Sienna West, Jordan Ash
    Categories: big dicks, big tits, hardcore, latina, tattoo, anal, doggystyle
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/lIAGgz2j9yPu
    http://transitfiles.com/dl/ist9kmp2 or http://www.fileserve.com/file/nVHbSRQ
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/lIAGgz2j9yPu

    o My Mother in Law is a Cunt
    Decamber 16, 2010 - Rating: 8.76

    psp_briana_banks-sd169.mp4 (345.07 MB) or FileServe

    Briana doesn't like James, her daughter's boyfriend, and tries her hardest to break them up. James remains
    respectful and chooses to do the right thing and tells Briana he wants to marry her daughter. Briana humiliates
    him and opposes to their marriage so James punishes her the best way he knows how.
    Pornstars: Briana Banks, James Deen
    Categories: ass to mouth, big dicks, big tits, blonde, tattoo, anal, doggystyle, cowgirl
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/de5xrkGx196H

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/sKYFRVAj or http://www.fileserve.com/file/xsNVkCn
    Streaming : http://www.userporn.com/video/de5xrkGx196H

    o Tonight You're My Bitch!
    December 09, 2010 - Rating: 8.73

    psp_mariah_madysinn-sd169.mp4 (279.13 MB) or FileServe

    Mariah Madysinn lost a huge case in court because she decided to falsely accuse her boss with sexual
    harassment. With no job she isn't left with many choses and finds herself back at her bosses house
    begging him for a job back. Jordan, Mariah's old boss, has a wonderful plan for his old assistant.
    He makes her get dressed up like a slut for a dinner party and afterwords he shows her why he is
    the boss.
    Pornstars: Mariah Madysinn, Jordan Ash
    Categories: ass to mouth, big tits, blonde, facial, anal, rough sex

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/Lu2mo1be or http://www.fileserve.com/file/Rggmzy2
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/d0W3vcT5lGxR

    o I'm Sorry...You Have to Move
    December 02, 2010 - Rating: 8.77

    psp_juelz_ventura-sd169.mp4 (255.9 MB) or FileServe

    James invites Juelz to stay overnight until she can get a hold of her friend. Juelz is very appreciative
    but gets a little too comfortable. So comfortable that she tries to get James to move out of the place.
    With his mind blown James puts this girl in her place. Punishment Style.
    Pornstars: Juelz Ventura, James Deen
    Categories: big dicks, facial, pornstar, spanking, tattoo, rough sex

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/4QWHuxDQ or http://www.fileserve.com/file/FvUZGnv
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/GS8xkuSzaLM9

    o And For Dessert... A Little Punishment
    November 25, 2010 - Rating: 8.18

    psp_mariah_milano-sd169.mp4 - TransitFiles (273.84 MB) or FileServe

    Mariah and her friend go to a fancy restaurant and start making rude comments about the place and
    especially James, the waiter. James patiently keeps up with their bad attitude until Mariah crosses
    the line by insulting him and throwing water all over his face. James kicks them out of the restaurant
    but first, he will give Mariah the punishment she deserves.
    Pornstars: Mariah Milano, James Deen
    Categories: big dicks, big tits, brunette, facial, doggystyle, high heels
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/vl397FKRevFV
    http://transitfiles.com/dl/P5c24loF or http://www.fileserve.com/file/TVyptAa
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/vl397FKRevFV

    o Stay The Fuck Out of My House
    November 18, 2010 - Rating: 8.56

    psp_victoria_white-sd169.mp4 (288.77 MB) or FileServe

    Victoria had been dating a married man who has no interest in leaving his wife. Victoria decides
    to surprise him at his house. She pretends that she's a neighbor and tries to make friends with
    his wife. He breaks up the little party and calls up Scott. He tells him that she needs to be
    taught a lesson. He pretends that her lover has sent flowers but the real reason why he's there
    is to punish her!
    Pornstars: Victoria White, Scott Nails
    Categories: ass to mouth, blonde, deep throat, facial, anal, high heels
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/pttoAqEfi1SK

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/mFgOIgrc or http://www.fileserve.com/file/c7qAuXy
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/pttoAqEfi1SK

    o Revenge
    November 11, 2010 - Rating: 9.2

    psp_nikki_sexx02-sd169.mp4 (304.59 MB) or FileServe

    Nikki Sexx needs to redeem herself. While getting ready for Brazzers Live, Nikki loses track of
    the time and ends up being late, how late? She missed the whole shoot! Now everyone is pissed and
    disappointed, and there's only one way to make everything right...
    Pornstars: Nikki Sexx, Keiran Lee, Jordan Ash
    Categories: big tits, deep throat, hardcore, threesome, double penetration, rough sex

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/He9RHblS or http://www.fileserve.com/file/7Uqg7ET
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/j06X7Vopx6LF

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    o Fuck You And Roger
    November 04, 2010 - Rating: 8.85

    psp_diana_prince-sd169.mp4 (284.65 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    James and Diana have been married for 5 years now, but things are starting to get rocky. James
    suspects that his wife is having an affair with her friend Roger because he's always over and she
    always mentions how much nicer he is. James finally finds proof of the affair and decides to
    punish his wife.
    Pornstars: Diana Prince, James Deen
    Categories: ass to mouth, big dicks, brunette, facial, anal
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/5e80HxRCNgqH

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/9JcBg1V5 or http://www.fileserve.com/file/K6bKHTQ
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/5e80HxRCNgqH

    o Haunted Ass
    October 28, 2010 - Rating: 9.15

    psp_rachel_roxxx02-sd169.mp4 (264.03 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Rachel stumbles upon a walk-in haunted house that has a secret sex dungeon in the basement. Things
    get scary when Rachel gets locked in the basement. Scott emerges from the shadows to play with his
    new toy. Rachel is very scared at first but once she gets a taste of Scott's dick she begs him to
    put it in her ass.
    Pornstars: Rachel RoXXX, Scott Nails
    Categories: ass licking, ass to mouth, big tits, pornstar, tattoo, anal, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/KcjEr5a49wdZ

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/CYA6EupC or http://www.fileserve.com/file/wCyMBNm
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/KcjEr5a49wdZ

    o A Smear Campaign
    October 21, 2010 - Rating: 9.08

    psp_vanilla_deville-sd169.mp4 (313.12 MB) - TransitFile or FileServe

    Vanilla is a Politician that will do anything to win the upcoming election. She makes a commercial
    smearing her opposing candidate, Jordan. When he sees it, he decides to fight back and threaten to
    release explicit photos of her unless she sleeps with him.
    Pornstars: Vanilla Deville, Jordan Ash
    Categories: big dicks, big tits, brunette, doggystyle, cowgirl, office
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/6BXGr6E2S6yF

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/JRtZmOrR or http://www.fileserve.com/file/9cM9MER
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/6BXGr6E2S6yF

    o Squeal Like A Pig!
    October 14, 2010 - Rating: 7.86

    psp_claire_dames-sd169.mp4 (346.61 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    James and Victoria are having sex so loud that it disturbs the entire neighborhood. Officer Dames is
    called on scene to take care of the situation. The couple feel it's their given right to fuck as
    loudly as they want, so they give Claire a taste of their medicine.
    Pornstars: Claire Dames, James Deen
    Categories: ass to mouth, big tits, brunette, deep throat, facial, pornstar, anal
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/NFa6uCgAd2M1

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/lYXrFIVm or http://www.fileserve.com/file/9A6b9ys
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/NFa6uCgAd2M1

    o Eat, Pray, Fuck
    October 07, 2010 - Rating: 9.01

    psp_diamond_kitty-sd169.mp4 (269.64 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Diamond is the author of a new book that takes female empowerment too far. Jordan catches a commercial
    about Diamonds book that talks about the negative impact it has had on relationships. It turns out
    that Jordan's wife read Diamonds book and leaves him immediately. Jordan's sadness quickly turns to
    anger, and her decides to pay a visit to Diamond's office to express his anger on her asshole.
    Pornstars: Diamond Kitty, Jordan Ash
    Categories: ass to mouth, anal, high heels, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/AacG08QkDr2s

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/9VWg85VT or http://www.fileserve.com/file/ygvj3m4
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/AacG08QkDr2s

    o You'll Never Get Anything Out of Me, Just My Asshole
    September 30, 2010 - Rating: 9

    psp_lisa_ann-sd169.mp4 (303.2 MB)- TransitFiles or FileServe

    Lisa has been apprehended & is being held captive! During her questioning, she stresses just how
    little she's willing to cooperate. Fed up of her nasty attitude, the Detective brings in his most
    notorious Interrogation Officer to help move things along. His methods are a little more extreme,
    but he always gets the best IN-tell, even if it means getting his cock dirty in the deepest,
    darkest places!
    Pornstars: Lisa Ann, James Deen
    Categories: facial, milf, anal, rough sex

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/R45mUtqE or http://www.fileserve.com/file/mDucjNe
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/kVZSK2zmkJ3y

    o You Win Some, You Lose Some, Then You Get Fucked Some
    September 23, 2010 - Rating: 8.96

    psp_kortney_kane-sd169.mp4 (279.67 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Kortney is a compulsive gambler who is out of control. She is already in debt with a loan shark
    when she guarantees him she has an inside scoop on a certain horse that will win a race. The bookie
    fronts her more money but when the horse loses she has no way to pay him back and is required to
    whore her way back even.
    Pornstars: Kortney Kane, James Deen
    Categories: brunette, hardcore, spanking, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/6maOb4lEPDXn
    http://transitfiles.com/dl/J51F3RYf or http://www.fileserve.com/file/N88yYRP
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/6maOb4lEPDXn

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    o Club Bitch Gets Fucked
    September 16, 2010 - Rating: 8.66

    psp_gia_dimarco-sd169.mp4 (262.3 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Gia and Dylan have been friends for a long time and have been hitting the clubs together snatching
    men to fuck for years now. Dylan has found a boyfriend and hasn't gone out with Gia for a long time.
    Gia doesn't want to be left alone and forces Dylan into going out like old times. After a wild night,
    Dylan comes home drunk and half naked. Gia has no idea what Jordan's dick does to tight pussies.
    Pornstars: Gia Dimarco, Jordan Ash
    Categories: facial, petite, pornstar, tattoo, skinny, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/ohmkW8IId85A

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/JCQEudSV or http://www.fileserve.com/file/wqZEr7R
    Streaming : http://www.userporn.com/video/ohmkW8IId85Af


    o Carolyn Won't Lie Ever Again
    September 09, 2010 - Rating: 8.51

    psp_carolyn_reese-sd169.mp4 (298.04 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    James shows up to a massive, club-style celebrity house party with two beautiful girls. When he tries
    to get into the club, Carolyn, the guest list girl, only lets the girls in the club. After a couple
    hours of waiting James sneaks in and finds Carolyn on her break. This is one break Carolyn will never
    ever forget.
    Pornstars: Carolyn Reese, James Deen
    Categories: blonde, facial, natural tits, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/2K6LjHRf1VgT

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/HKNXnH8i or http://www.fileserve.com/file/wHXUWZk
    Streaming : http://www.userporn.com/video/2K6LjHRf1VgT

    o Two Minute Man
    September 02, 2010 - Rating: 8.54

    psp_isis_monroe-sd169.mp4 (224.11 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Jordan Ash is a well known big-dicked pornstar, who can fuck like a champ. But this wasn't always so.
    There was a time in high school when Jordan was known as the Two Minute Man. This phrase was coined
    by his former lover, Isis, who ridiculed him back then. So now that Jordan has his high school reunion
    coming up, you can be sure that he will teach Isis a lesson.
    Pornstars: Isis Monroe, Jordan Ash
    Categories: ass to mouth, big dicks, brunette, anal
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/ICuKBzXNJUJM

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/AugDwGME or http://www.fileserve.com/file/JG7Mmgd
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/ICuKBzXNJUJM

    o Let Me Fuck You Before I Kick You Out
    August 26, 2010 - Rating: 8.65

    psp_jenna_presley-sd169.mp4 (285.32 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    After Jenna gets kicked out of her apartment, Jordan is kind enough to let her stay at his place.
    But only hours after moving in, she begins to take advantage. She borrows Jordan's things and leaves
    a mess everywhere. Jordan doesn't say or do anything until he catches her giving a guy a blow job in
    his bed. He decides that its time to kick her out, but before he does, he has to punish Jenna.
    Pornstars: Jenna Presley, Jordan Ash
    Categories: big dicks, big tits, brunette, facial, high heels
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/iz34aNBEkYWp

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/liP2T7kG or http://www.fileserve.com/file/ptPXZkK
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/iz34aNBEkYWp

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    o Shaw-Slut Redemption
    August 19, 2010 - Rating: 8.86

    psp_bridgette_b-sd169.mp4 (336.78 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Bridgette is a corrupt and psychotic prison guard at a maximum security penitentiary who loves to
    torture and sexually abuse the inmates. She abuses inmates physically and sexually and she has set
    her sights on James and Steven. When things go to far James and Steven give officer B exactly what
    she deserves. Two cocks at the same time tearing up her vagina and her asshole.
    Pornstars: Bridgette B, James Deen
    Categories: big tits, blonde, facial, tattoo, anal, double penetration, rough sex, cumshot on ass
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/xpXDyiYMaEjJ

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/njeJ6Zgv or http://www.fileserve.com/file/ufedAzG
    Streaming : http://www.userporn.com/video/xpXDyiYMaEjJ

    o I Live To Make Your Life Hell
    August 12, 2010 - Rating: 8.88

    psp_kristina_rose-sd169.mp4 (232.99 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Jordan and Kristina are in the middle of a nasty divorce battle. Jordan is willing to handle it like
    civilized adults outside the court, but Kristina wants the money, the kids and the house. After making
    some false accusations, Kristina is awarded everything, leaving Jordan high and dry. The bailiff,
    seeing through Krisitna's malicious ruse, decides to help out Jordan by leaving the two alone locked
    in the courtroom. Jordan capitalizes on his opportunity.
    Pornstars: Kristina Rose, Jordan Ash
    Categories: ass to mouth, big ass, brunette, deep throat, natural tits, anal
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/fkkwdO4srJAN

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/QXEgkaZr or http://www.fileserve.com/file/FY8q2tx
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/fkkwdO4srJAN

    o Fuck the HMO
    August 05, 2010 - Rating: 8.35

    psp_stephanie_cane-sd169.mp4 (210.91 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Tired of getting screwed by the health insurance company and after too many phone calls to reach a
    representative, Johnny decides to go talk to someone personally. Stephanie tells him that he can't
    get reimbursed which makes Johnny even angrier so he decides to give her all the cum he has so that
    she will be able to work on his case.
    Pornstars: Stephanie Cane, Johnny Sins
    Categories: big dicks, brunette, natural tits, office
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/qLgMn5LoHIV8

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/rnFdwrLq or http://www.fileserve.com/file/UvDKxaw
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/qLgMn5LoHIV8

    o Ten Dollar Whore
    July 29, 2010 - Rating: 9.16

    psp_alanah_rae-sd169.mp4 (280.25 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    James has decided to invest all of his life saving in the stock market with the help of Alanah Rae.
    What James doesn't know is that Alanah plans on stealing all of his money. When the deal is done and
    James is shit out of luck her hires a private eye to find Alanah. When they finally meet again James
    finally gets to withdraw all of his funds on her poor little face.
    Pornstars: Alanah Rae, James Deen
    Categories: big tits, blonde, facial, spanking, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/0Bf9a5H0TWKV

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/FFrglmnQ or http://www.fileserve.com/file/gBHVZDK
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/0Bf9a5H0TWKV

    o I Deserve What's Mine!
    July 22, 2010 - Rating: 9.15

    psp_shyla_stylez-sd169.mp4 (302.39 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Shyla and James are recently divorced and have to deal with the fact that they work together and her
    new boyfriend is the boss. James overhears his boss and Shyla talking about their upcoming date and
    how she wants his dick way up her ass. Already on a short fuse, he flips out because his boss is
    fucking his ex-wife up the ass when he was never aloud. So he decides to get what he deserves from
    the divorce settlement and that's a piece of her ass.
    Pornstars: Shyla Stylez, James Deen
    Categories: big tits, blonde, facial, anal, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/rNmSyWzMrcg2

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/baM5WieZ or http://www.fileserve.com/file/g6PmyED
    Streaming : http://www.userporn.com/video/rNmSyWzMrcg2

    o Cheating Anal Whore
    July 15, 2010 - Rating: 9.02

    psp_trina_michaels-sd169.mp4 (276.52 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Trina and Jordan have been married for a couple of years now and Trina is sick only having one cock
    to fuck. Trina lies to Jordan and creates many opportunities to fuck other men. The only problem is
    that she writes about it in her diary and one day Jordan finds it. With his whole body full of anger
    and hatred, Jordan take out his frustrations on Trina plump asshole so she'll never cheat again.
    Pornstars: Trina Michaels, Jordan Ash
    Categories: ass to mouth, big ass, big dicks, big tits, facial, anal, tongue ring
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/a5ZDod1aLiIh

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/hFi040S4 or http://www.fileserve.com/file/pDkZFD3
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/a5ZDod1aLiIh

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    o Borrowing your Deep Asshole
    July 08, 2010 - Rating: 9.12

    psp_mackenzee_pierce-sd169.wmv (663.31 MB) - Transifiles or FileServe

    Jordan has asked for a new loan for his new business at the bank where Mackenzee is the loan manager.
    She makes him wait and finally receives him with a very rude attitude, even taking calls, completely
    ignoring him. She tells him that his idea sucks and rejects his loan. Humiliated he burst and the
    punishment starts.
    Pornstars: Mackenzee Pierce, Jordan Ash
    Categories: ass to mouth, big tits, brunette, deep throat, pornstar, anal
    Streaming: Not available

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/6Qlp7AWb or http://www.fileserve.com/file/wYjU7ZU

    o Fucking The Cumpetition
    July 01, 2010 - Rating: 8.4

    psp_charley_chase-sd169.wmv (486.92 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    It's the grand opening of Jordan's women's clothing store.One of the clients causes a ruckus right
    away by complaining about the high prices and mentioning how good the competition is across the street.
    When she makes a mess of the store and walks around naked causing the clientele to leave, Jordan decides
    it's time to teach this stupid cunt a lesson.
    Pornstars: Charley Chase, Jordan Ash
    Categories: big dicks, big tits, brunette, natural tits, public nudity, high heels
    Streaming: Not available

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/dhxUhef0 or http://www.fileserve.com/file/4gM4CyJ

    o Pretentious Little Priss Whore
    June 24, 2010 - Rating: 8.44

    psp_london_keyes-sd169.wmv (681.23 MB) - Transifiles or FileServe

    London finally agrees to go on a date with Jordan. Jordan takes her to a fancy restaurant to impress
    her. At the restaurant London runs into Steve, another one of her boy toys. She spends all her time
    with Steve completely ignoring Jordan. At the end of the night she asks Jordan to give her a lift to
    Steve's house. That's when Jordan decides it's time for punishment!
    Pornstars: London Keyes, Jordan Ash
    Categories: asian, big tits, facial, natural tits, pornstar, rough sex
    Streaming: Not available

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/HRHlZTtK or http://www.fileserve.com/file/yQFw3x8

    o Big Dick Winner Bitch
    June 17, 2010 - Rating: 9.02

    Johnny's at the Brazzers awards and has been voted best male performer in 2010. As he's accepting the
    award, Jayden comes up on stage to disturb his speech. Jayden declares that he's not the best in the
    business. Johnny decides that he's gonna show this bitch why he's the best at punishing stupid bitches.
    Pornstars: Jayden Jaymes, Johnny Sins
    Categories: big ass, big tits, brunette, deep throat, facial, pornstar, rough sex

    Soon available

    o Hit Me! Hit Me! Fuck Me!
    June 10, 2010 - Rating: 9.13

    psp_gina_lynn-sd169.wmv (449.04 MB) - Transifiles or FileServe

    Gina is playing Black jack at the Casino and is cheating the system with her partner in crime.
    The eye in the sky watches all this occur. They give instruction on taking care of the guy while
    the owner takes personal care of Gina. She's taken to the back room to get her mouth filled with
    cock and her pussy pounded.
    Pornstars: Gina Lynn, James Deen
    Categories: big ass, big tits, blonde, deep throat, pornstar, high heels, rough sex
    Streaming: Not available

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/5GDUu46r or http://www.fileserve.com/file/HEfPyr7

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    o The Slutmother
    June 03, 2010 - Rating: 8.86

    psp_kelly_divine-sd169.wmv (461.14 MB) - Transifiles or FileServe

    The only thing James has never predicted growing up was that he would be working under such a fucking
    asshole of a boss. To make matters worse the boss is a she. Not that he'd have a problem working for
    a woman, but she's a real fucking cunt. She always belittles him in front of everyone and takes out
    her anger on him. One day she says something that sends him over the edge, and sends her into the
    punishment zone.
    Pornstars: Kelly Divine, James Deen
    Categories: ass to mouth, big ass, big tits, facial, anal, ass fingering
    Streaming: Not available

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/dIUs7CjH or http://www.fileserve.com/file/m9KhV72

    o Cathartic Coitus
    May 27, 2010 - Rating: 9.15

    psp_krissy_lynn-sd169.mp4 (259.97 MB) - Transifiles or FileServe

    Scott and Krissy had decided to try to work out their troubles and take another stab at their
    relationship. However, Krissy stands him up at the restaurant and he's left there to wait alone for
    hours. He decides to go find out why he got stood up and have the most cathartic sex of is life.
    Pornstars: Krissy Lynn, Scott Nails
    Categories: big dicks, big tits, blonde, facial, anal, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/5YpZQgE2kdEb

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/dEhjA3Im or http://www.fileserve.com/file/xdnw4df
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/5YpZQgE2kdEb

    o Stern Attitude
    May 20, 2010 - Rating: 9.15

    psp_savannah_stern-sd169.mp4 (316.25 MB) - Transifiles or FileServe

    Savannah out maneuvers James in a race for the last parking spot and is a real bitch about the whole
    thing. James has no idea that Savannah is about to ruin his whole day, for she is in charge of renewing
    drivers' licenses and she will make up all kinds of excuses to prevent him from getting his license
    renewed. James loses patience and decides to punish the bitch!
    Pornstars: Savannah Stern, James Deen
    Categories: big ass, big dicks, big tits, brunette, tattoo, dominance, office, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/I1x4Z7UzDg2I

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    o Hustling Whore
    May 13, 2010 - Rating: 8.83

    psp_courtney_cummz-sd169.mp4 (267.52 MB) - Transifiles or FileServe

    After been hustled into generating a massive bill for a private dance, Scott shows Courtney what
    happens to strippers who try to cheat him.
    Pornstars: Courtney Cummz, Scott Nails
    Categories: big tits, blonde, blowjob, facial, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/epv9HxgXq8TN

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/C6g75MSr or http://www.fileserve.com/file/nh9aBQT
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/epv9HxgXq8TN

    o Throw Me Over Your Shoulder
    May 06, 2010 - Rating: 9

    psp_angel_dark-sd169.mp4 (304.36 MB) - Transifiles or FileServe

    Angel has a major crush on Scott. They even slept together a couple of times. Even though it was
    quite clear that they were just going to be friends. Angel sees Scott at a party hitting on another
    girl. Scott's pissed because Angel manages to scare away his catch, it's time to teach Angel a lesson!
    Pornstars: Angel Dark, Scott Nails
    Categories: facial, natural tits, anal, rough sex, euro
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/o96Dwb8xWqzL

    http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BEZU2ZZV or http://www.fileserve.com/file/KqcUfAu
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/o96Dwb8xWqzL

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    o Marilyn Ho and JFKock
    April 29, 2010 - Rating: 9.17

    psp_nikki_sexx-sd169.mp4 (224.33 MB) - Transitfiles or FileServe

    President Nails is late for his dinner party when he gets a phone call for a lady he has been fooling
    around with. He tells her to leave him alone and they head out to the dinner. Unfortunately this young
    beautifully breasted lady crashes the dinner party to give the president a special gift. President Nails
    goes berserk and pounds her tight asshole.
    Pornstars: Nikki Sexx, Scott Nails
    Categories: ass licking, big ass, big dicks, big tits, facial, anal
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/k7eRcpB9jPHL

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/KvCEiK4x or http://www.fileserve.com/file/eJrh6w8
    Streaming : http://www.userporn.com/video/k7eRcpB9jPHL

    o Lunch Thief
    April 22, 2010 - Rating: 8.96

    psp_breanne_benson-sd169.mp4 (251.25 MB) - Transitfiles or FileServe

    After catching Breanne in the act of stealing his lunch, Jordan (pissed off and hungry from not having
    lunch for 2 straight weeks) teaches Breanne a lesson in what happens when you touch another man's sandwich!
    Pornstars: Breanne Benson, Jordan Ash
    Categories: blonde, facial, office, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/gmBfbHIaqgDI

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/17Huv3o5 or http://www.fileserve.com/file/7skubaq
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    o Impound My Car, I Pound Your Pussy
    April 15, 2010 - Rating: 8.59

    psp_charisma_cappelli-sd169.mp4 (239.34 MB) - Transitfiles or FileServe

    Charisma is the meter maid from hell and will give no one a break when handing out a ticket. When
    Scott pleads to not receive a ticket because his car will get impounded, she shows no mercy. Scott
    is now left with one last resort and that is to show no remorse when pounding her tight pussy.
    Pornstars: Charisma Cappelli, Scott Nails
    Categories: big dicks, big tits, blonde, facial
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/332MH5hS8Qmg

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/ArsiwOoM or http://www.fileserve.com/file/VwFJj7D
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/332MH5hS8Qmg

    o How To Nail A Cheater
    April 08, 2010 - Rating: 9.07

    psp_madison_scott-sd169.mp4 (220.12 MB) - Transitfiles or FileServe

    Madison and Scott are re-taking a test, but Madison keeps trying to cheat off Scott. When she flashes
    him to get an answer, he cries out in surprise and gets them both caught! Now angry 'cuz he's going
    to get kicked out of school, Scott decides to punish Madison!
    Pornstars: Madison Scott, Scott Nails
    Categories: big dicks, facial, upskirt, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/Ke8Hkqmvx6Jl

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/w9YHuD7W or http://www.fileserve.com/file/JeyyeWj
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/Ke8Hkqmvx6Jl

    o April Fools Fuck
    April 01, 2010 - Rating: 8.79

    psp_halie_james-sd169.mp4 (213.77 MB) - Transitfiles or FileServe

    Jordan and Halie have been work friends for a couple of years now and today Halie decides to play an
    April Fools joke on Jordan by giving him a fake lottery ticket. Somehow the numbers come in and Jordan
    tells everyone to suck his dick. When Jordan finds out Halie set him up he forces their friendship to
    the next level by taking her pussy.
    Pornstars: Halie James, Jordan Ash
    Categories: big dicks, big tits, blowjob, facial, natural tits, rough sex
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    Streaming : http://www.userporn.com/video/0MbeSkytVz7B

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    o Faster Service, Faster Pounding
    March 25, 2010 - Rating: 9.01

    psp_brooke_lee_adams-sd169.mp4 (244.75 MB) - Transitfiles or FileServe

    Scott is in a rush to get to work and all he wants is a coffee. However, Brooke the coffee maker is
    extremely slow at her job. Scott politely asks her for faster service but all she gives him is
    attitude. So he decides to give her a lesson in customer service by serving her a fresh cup of
    Pornstars: Brooke Lee Adams, Scott Nails
    Categories: big ass, brunette, creampie, natural tits, high heels, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/FapaG93Xt0hm

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/aNw7cdN5 or http://www.fileserve.com/file/b7mH47A
    Streaming : http://www.userporn.com/video/FapaG93Xt0hm

    o Customer Is Always Right
    March 18, 2010 - Rating: 8.88

    psp_mya_nichole-sd169.mp4 (213.77 MB) - Transitfiles or FileServe

    Three out of every five women, two love to take it up the ass. Of the two remaining, one of them deny
    it but are curious. The one remaining actually does not want anything near her tight asshole. Mya
    Nichole is one with a virgin asshole. This all changes when she disrespects a customer who makes her
    asshole pay.
    Pornstars: Mya Nichole, Jordan Ash
    Categories: ass to mouth, big dicks, big tits, brunette, deep throat, facial, hardcore, tattoo, anal
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/Waef121xX8Ez

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/bwPBAoKo or http://www.fileserve.com/file/B8kkhUA
    Streaming : http://www.userporn.com/video/Waef121xX8Ez

    o Cock Block Gets Cock Rocked
    March 11, 2010 - Rating: 8.86

    psp_sea_j_raw-sd169.mp4 (223.64 MB) - Transitfiles or FileServe

    Jordan is out getting his nightly fresh pussy at the club when he gets majorly cock blocked by Sea
    J Raw. Jordan immediately gets pissed off and settles the score with her by ripping off of panties
    and slamming her to hell right there on the dance floor.
    Pornstars: Sea J Raw, Jordan Ash
    Categories: big dicks, deep throat, tattoo, high heels, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/wiiJbT8smiBL

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/ouSHXdll or http://www.fileserve.com/file/gXtbrA6
    Streaming : http://www.userporn.com/video/wiiJbT8smiBL

    o Tight Little Asshole Diaries
    March 04, 2010 - Rating: 9.14

    psp_mason_moore-sd169.mp4 (229.1 MB) - Transitfiles or FileServe

    Folks can barely hang onto their jobs in this tight recession and Mason feels she can get away with
    dressing slutty. She is repeatedly warned because the company is constantly looking for new clients
    who have to visit often. It so happens that a deal was about to be reached with a lucrative client
    until she saw Mason's dress and canceled the deal. Her boss was out of words and knowing the company
    was gonna go under he makes her pay.
    Pornstars: Mason Moore, Jordan Ash
    Categories: big tits, blowjob, pornstar, tattoo, upskirt, anal, office, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/dcJ8DLpGXhlg

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/YiVXYEbY or
    Streaming : http://www.userporn.com/video/dcJ8DLpGXhlg

    o No Money?, No Mercy!
    February 25, 2010 - Rating: 8.9

    psp_isis_love-sd169.mp4 (242.73 MB) - Transitfiles or FileServe

    James can't afford rent anymore and Isis has agreed to take over the lease. While James is packing
    up all his stuff Isis comes over to inform James that her "Daddy" won't give her the money. James
    erupts with anger and gets more of Isis's pussy than money could ever buy him. He slams that wet
    vagina intensely for a long time.
    Pornstars: Isis Love, James Deen
    Categories: big dicks, blowjob, brunette, facial, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/flgePoXbZBTo

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/Uvx1BQIX or http://www.fileserve.com/file/e6rKzU3
    Streaming : http://www.userporn.com/video/flgePoXbZBTo

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    o Pounding My Naughty Cunt Hole
    December 15, 2009 - Rating: 8.71

    psp_presley_maddox .wmv (478.33 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Scott has a very important meeting to attend to because a food critic is coming to check out his
    restaurant. He wants everything to be top notch. Presley, Scott's roommate, steals his car and gets
    into an accident. Scott is furious because he missed his meeting and his car is fucked up. Only the
    roughest of sexual lessons will make Presley realize her mistakes. This young pussy gets punished.
    Pornstars: Presley Maddox, Scott Nails
    Categories: ass licking, big dicks, spanking, tattoo, teen, rough sex
    Streaming: Not available


    o Practical Prankster Punishment
    December 10, 2009 - Rating: 9.17

    Rachel loves to perform pranks on her roommate Scott, but he doesn't seem to have a sense of humour.
    He can't handle one more prank from her or else he'll snap and pop in her face. Oh ya... she also
    owes him some rent.
    Pornstars: Rachel RoXXX, Scott Nails
    Categories: big tits, facial, pornstar, rough sex
    Streaming: Not available

    A venir

    o Judge Nails Delivers Sexual Discipline
    December 03, 2009 - Rating: 8.89

    psp_madison_parker-sd169.mp4 (268.1 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Madison Parker has brought her fellow co-worker to court for sexual harassment. During the trial,
    judge Nails realizes that Madison is full of shit and is only suing for the money. Scott requests
    to see Madison in his chamber where he voices that the case has dismantled everything that he
    believes in. Scott makes Madison pay for wasting the court's time. Her money hungry pussy is
    controlled and tamed with wild vigorous sex. Sex so wild and uplifting, that Madison realizes how
    much of a dumb slut she really is.
    Pornstars: Madison Parker, Scott Nails
    Categories: big dicks, blowjob, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/byMcmXZtFnQE

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/ZA2inZAm or
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/byMcmXZtFnQE

    o Contraband Punishment
    November 26, 2009 - Rating: 9.04

    psp_tori_black-sd169.mp4 (286.72 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Tori has been in jail for years now and hasn't had a dick inside her vagina for ages! She'll do
    anything to get off these days so she gets a book that secretly contains a dildo... When the guard
    sees her misbehaving he drags her ass straight to the warden! The new warden, Mr. Nails shows no
    mercy and discipline's this poor girl's vagina by ripping her a new one! For Tori, punishment never
    felt so good!
    Pornstars: Tori Black, Scott Nails
    Categories: big dicks, brunette, small boobs, rough sex
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/xUnBUZEWVcdE

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/LThmOwb6 or
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/xUnBUZEWVcdE

    o A Lesson Learned A Boner Earned
    November 24, 2009 - Rating: 7.54

    psp_bianka_lovely-sd169.mp4 (235.4 MB) - TransitFiles or FileServe

    Scott is at a restaurant and is starving but for some reason the waitress screws up his entire order.
    When he finds out that she doesn't speak English he has no choice but to speak to the general manager,
    who speaks to him like a big dick. Unfortunately for the restaurant employees, Scott was just posing
    as a client and is actually the boss and makes sure they get a real bad punishment.
    Pornstars: Bianka Lovely, Scott Nails
    Categories: blonde, facial, natural tits, anal, hairy pussy
    Streaming: http://www.userporn.com/video/J4kZCk28vTL3

    http://transitfiles.com/dl/cXxtWXTb or
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