These boys is a sight too sweet for words. Yes, it is Johnny and Johnny, and it is the very first time we are viewing Thompson experiments that are handsome and willing ! Who better than Riley to make him feel welcome and comfortable, as well as to show him how to loosen up!

After Claude gives them the go ahead, the Johnny's start things off by receiving their hands dirty. Their big, hard cocks come out and also the boys begin by slowly jerking each other with fine, tight holds.

I presume this was when Thompson actually gave in to the sheer ecstasy of the encounter and lost himself in the pleasure. They move into a 69 position and continue warming with strength. Gosh, these recruits will be the right size for each other!

From that point, Mr. Riley climbs atop Thompson and gets that newly inducted ADVERTISEMENT cock for a test spin. Thompson makes him proud as a mentor, and really does an excellent job of giving the good time he was hoping to Riley for.

'Oh yeah, you feel amazing,' Riley tells Thompson, and Thompson appears to rest his head back in relief, on the bed. I can't blame him. His nerves must still be wound, expecting that his mentor is enjoying his hole. When Riley tells him earnestly that his bum does feel fantastic, I could envision that satisfaction.

As Riley pummels his hot pocket, just before Thompson gets back in the driver's seat, Claude gets some wonderful shots of Thompson's hard cock. With this point, Johnny T has loosened up and is really having a blast! 'You like a cock up your butt!' As we observe Riley get drilled Claude says. Wow, Riley has learned how to take a no-punches-pulled fucking very nicely!

Finally, we've Riley back as he jerks the warm load out of his own throbbing prick, taking more stiff cock in his butt. I am so pleased with how this one turned out, and the way well both Johnny's did! From Johnny Thompson, I can readily picture a long, profitable tour of Active Duty. As for Johnny Riley, I do not need to tell you how much amazing activity we have from this solid cadet in store.

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