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The Art of Phone Sex in India

Phone sex should not be done in a hurry. Just like you need foreplay to enjoy passionate love making, you need to be patient and set the mood right. Use your erotic imagination, hare your inner desires, describe in detail your favorite fantasy or tell, step-by-step, what you wish you were doing to your partner on the other end or what you want to be done to you. Remember to be patient and make sure you have some time alone without any interruptions. Just speak normally in a soft, low voice and the professionals will handle the rest. Ofcourse you should let yourself go totally when the excitement takes over. There should be no holding back. Why should there be anyway? Your aim is to get the best experience possible so you should open up and let go of all that may hinder you.

The Right Mood is imperative!
Another phone sex tip is getting or being in the right mood when having an erotic call. To enjoy your converstation optimally you should be aware of your surroundings and how they affect you. When you want have a naughty conversation without any distractions, these are a few tips to get you in the right mood.

1. Turn the lights down

The darker the room, the more focused you are on what youíre hearing without getting distracted. This way the you will limit any visual distractions that you may have when you are in a surrounding that is well lit. It will also create a better, more relaxing ambiance.

2. Cancel all calls waiting

When you have the time, cancel all calls waiting before you make your phone sex call. Preferably call late in the night when you arenít expecting any other private calls. Getting called privately during your erotic chat can definitely ruin the mood.

3. Close your eyes while having a call

Closing your eyes is actually an addition to turning the lights down. It will make you concentrate a lot better on your conversation. Sit or lay back on the couch, or get under the blankets and close your eyes and pay full attention to the words youíre hearing. Let your imagination run free and visualize what you and your calling partner are doing. This way you will get the maximum result out of your conversations.