Winning Ways

Year: 2000
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Anal, Oral, General Hardcore, Condoms
Duration: 1:22:52

Daniel Palffy
Ivan Rohan
Janos Lasky
Jaro Bouchac
Josef Sladek
Ladislav Pekar
Patrik Levaj
Ruslan Peterko
Severino Cicerka

Description: Winning Ways is an Eastern Europe al fresco frolic where your dreams all come alive, and your wet dreams turn ever wetter and wilder. Picture, if you will, a host of perfect pouty porn pups, on a randy romp in the forest outside Prague: skinny-dipping, pulling pranks, nude hitchhiking, fooling around, male-male bonding, and lots of woodsy weekend sucking and fucking .

Quality of video: DVDRip
Video Format: MP4
Resolution : 720x540
File Size: 1.21 Gb