Born and raised between Europe and North America, French made. Elle currently resides in Montreal, Canada.
Elle has developed a passion for modelling, photography and figuration over the past years throughout her travels.
Her journey started in 2013 during a road trip in Southern California.
It continued on to her most recent trip in South Beach, Miami.

For Elle, nothing is more gratifying than looking at your final pictures and having a sense of pride with
your accomplishments. That alone is rewarding and is worth to be taken to the next level.

Elle has also developed a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She is Certified TRX and Personal trainer.
Elle believes that beauty is something that is captured in time and at the same time maintained with hard work and consistency.
The same can be said for the best finest wines, best achieved with age and time.

Elle's goals is to live life with no regrets, and most importantly to share her work with the rest of the world.
In her new journey, she hopes to continue inspiring others. For Elle, nothing is impossible.
You just simply have to believe in your dreams.....