Hard Worker - Cole Christiansen, Brenner Bolton

Studio: Nextdoorworld

Cole Christiansen is palpably nervous as Brenner Bolton reviews his resume. Cole really wants this job, and as much as Brenner likes what he sees in front of him, the fact of the matter is Cole just isnt qualified for the position Brenner has to offer. But Cole has another position in mind that just may change Brenners mind, and Brenner is the kind of guy who is open to persuasion, so Cole unbuttons Brenners shirt and strips him down to his skivvies, pulling his massive hard cock out for Brenner to inspect and admire. No longer questioning Coles qualifications, Brenner devours Coles cock, gagging on it as he fondles Coles balls, before turning Cole over and eating his ass on the conference table. Having sampled the goods firsthand, Brenner is ready to see how Cole works it, so he bends over and Cole plunges his money-maker deep inside Brenner, as he lets out a sigh and exhales. Cole pumps Brenner against the table, then on the table, then next to the table as Brenner shows the stamina that earned him his position in the first place, stroking himself off as Cole pulls out and blasts his face with a working mans load well worth the wait. Brenner, coated with cum and thoroughly shagged, makes the hard decision to hire Cole. It is a very hard decision, indeed.

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