An ambitious mobster, Marko, makes the local brothel into a rousing success after double-crossing the mafia Don.
This of course angers certain people who come after him..
As you suspect with a Harry Novak produced film, the plot is secondary to the sex and nudity.
A strange note the Director, William Rotsler, of this film also wrote for "The Real Ghostbusters" cartoon show.
The Godson (“The Motion Picture Everyone’s Been Waiting For… Except the Syndicate!”) is a sordid Godfather retread by the late,
great WILLIAM ROTSLER. It’s a tangled tale of murder, betrayal, seduction, and naked hysteria.
Prepare to enter a world of mutton chops and pinkie rings. Jason Yyukon stars as Marco,
a tough-as-nails enforcer working for “The Organization,” and the godson of crime boss Leo Rocca.
Hellbent with ambition, nothing will stop Marco from attaining power.

Year: 1981
Quality: DVDRip
Resolution: 352x264
Time: 1:31:29
Country: USA
Studio: Boxoffice International Pictures

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