I had a romantic relationship with my aunt, and so did my father.

I really haven't told anyone this. And it's bothering me. I'm sorry if this gets a little long, but here goes.
When I was little, I was very attached to female figures. I would confuse love between a husband and a wife, and love between a mother and son. I remember once asking my mother why she didn't kiss me like she kissed my dad. Even though the difference was explained to me multiple times I guess it didn't stick.
I'm about 12 when my mom tells me that her younger sister will live with us. She was around 20 when she came to live with us. She was very good looking, big breasts, skinny, I swear she was everything I ever wanted. I wanted her so badly, that it actually started the day she moved into our house.
She arrived early in the morning. My parents had a day full of activities planed. Fun things for us to do. They wanted us to bond because we would be sharing a room and my mom didn't want me to complain about it. Well it turns out we got along fantastically. Well after a day of playing my aunt decides it's time for a little nap, she goes into our room and sleeps. Me being completely infatuated by her, decides to crawl into bed with her. She hugs me and cuddles with me in a non sexual way. The same way you would hug your cat when they sleep with you. Well I was wasn't actually tired, and I just wanted to be close to her. I remembering staring at her. She laid there, unconsciously. Well I inched in closer and closer to her. To the point where our lips were rubbing together. And I left them there as we went to sleep. I thought I was so sneaky. She didn't wake up, and I got to steal a kiss. Well we continued to sleep together roughly every night.
Everything from then on is a blur. In movies when a child gets raped they repress a memory. I never thought this to be true, until right now, as I'm actually writing this. It's just bit's n pieces that I remember. Next thing I remember we are both laying on my parents bed, when she asks if I wanted to see how it felt to be inside of her. I immediately say yes, and it feels wonderful. I have seen sex videos before and I knew what I was supposed to do. So I began to thrust and she didn't let me. We eventually did have sex, and constantly. I could get hard but I couldn't cum. I remember being proud when I would get a little precum. We honestly did everything. And slowly and slowly, I was falling in love with my own aunt.
It became very apparent to my aunt what was happening. Secrecy couldn't be stressed more. I didn't really understand why at first, but I didn't think much of it. (This happened with a cousin as well a lot earlier. Will do another confession later on about my gay encounter.) I think a lot of people were concerned as to what was going on with my aunt and I. We would spend all the time together and I would hold her hand. When I was a bit younger it was cute, now you have a teenager holding your hand and it starts getting weird. My mom always saw the good in people and honestly is very naive. I remember one night I really wanted to have sex with my aunt and it was night time. We usually wouldn't have sex when my parents were home but this time we risked it. She laid on her side and I laid right behind her and I slid right in. We would wait till the air condition-air to turn on to continue thrusting. Which was like every ten minutes. Air on= Green light. Air off= Red light. So were just there waiting on red light, so we decide to turn on the television for awhile. Next thing we know, green light. We start going at it when suddenly the door opens! I remember my moms face, it was very suspicious. She told us to turn of the television and to go to bed. She left the door open and went back to bed. This was our first and only time getting caught.
I'm around 14 when my mom and I don't get along what so ever. We would constantly argue about everything. I honestly had wished for her to die and my aunt to care for my father and I. Looking back, my mom really got hurt from this experience. Her only son hating her for no apparent reason, a suspicion of her sister sleeping with her son, and her sister replacing her house duties (mom would work so aunt would cook and clean.) I can imagine her being unwanted, and this is actually the part that I regret the most. She was protecting me, and I hated her for it. My mom convinced my dad to buy a bigger house in another city just so my aunt and I could have different rooms. Her suspicion was raising, and I believe she told my dad about it as well.
At this point in my life we are transitioning from moving into the new house. Mom decides to take me along for the move and leave my aunt and my father to live in the other house while we get settled and my old house gets sold. That day I left my aunt, I couldn't stop crying. I wanted to be with her. I thought I would never see her again.
As you can probably guess, the time my mom and I are away, is when my father and my aunt start sleeping together. This isn't known for quite awhile. Well my old house gets sold and and aunt and my dad move to this new house. My mom and I still get at each others throats and I now sleep in my own room by myself. My aunt and I still get it on when my parents go to work though. My aunt goes and drops subtle hints that she slept with my dad. Like saying oh, you're as big as your dad now. I had honestly thought she just saw him naked on accident or something. In my little mind I never imagined my dad and my aunt sleeping together. I guess neither did my mother.
I remember this day the most out of all my experience. My aunt was trying to lose weight so she suggested we go jogging. The sun had just set and it was getting dark out but we go and jog in our neighborhood. We get pretty far when the next thing we notice is my mom's car pulling up next to us. She tells us it's late and that we need to get in. My aunt and I are confused and we just agree. We go home, I shower, and then head to bed. I'm asleep when I hear someone come in through my door. It's my mom and she says "Look, look what your favorite aunt is doing." I honestly thought my aunt was doing some sort of trick or something, but it turns out my mom had just caught my father sleeping with my aunt. I couldn't believe it. I didn't say anything. I just stood there as my mom was yelling and upset. Every word she said was blurred except for this one thing "And here I was thinking that [my name] and [aunt] were sleeping together, and you're over here trying to convince me as well, when actually you're sleeping with her!"
Fast foward to now. My parents are still together. My aunt has moved out. I have not spoken to her since.