Studio: All Worlds Video

The mono-named Rafael directs a cast of mono-named chiseled boys in a mono-named fuck flick. Set in a desert, where a bunch of butch-looking archaeologists are digging for more than just artifacts, Cameron Sage plays the head of the expedition.

For those who have yet to have had the viewing pleasure, Sage is a gorgeous, giant hunk of a man (bright eyes, blonde hair, a California tan, a tattoo and a giant slab of ever-hard cock) who here finds some sort of tainted artifact that turns all of the men on the crew into horn dogs.

The cast is led by cover model Gerardo, who is both rico and suave. Gerardo is large and in charge, with dark hair, sizzling dark eyes, a body like a statue and a dark cock that resembles a Corinthian tower. He shows up near the end of the flick, but boy is he worth the wait. From the moment he first pulls his uncut cock out from under his loincloth until he shakes the last few pearly drops of cum off that staggering monument, it is hard to remember that there are others in the picture.

Such a commanding presence deserves the rapt attention he receives. Gerardo shows up as (apparently) something conjured up from the artifact that Sage found. This hot scene features Sage, Gerardo and a smoldering Max Grand-alike bottom. Both guys get to sample Gerardo・s monstrous tool, and both Gerardo and Sage get to sample the bottom boy・s fine hole.

The other pairings are also all very hot. Sage hooks up with a sweet looking blonde boy toy next to his Jeep in one vignette, showing the boy how digging is really done in the desert. In another hot scene two buff archaeologists get passionate in the Painted Desert. There is a hot coupling in a sauna that features men who are a little hairy fucking and sucking in front of a mirror, with cum spewing on a hairy chest and a hairy crotch.

This feature is what you・ve come to expect from All Worlds Video and director Rafael - a nice variety of guys having hot sex that has been well photographed. Definitely worth a look.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:23:31
Video: 480x360, FFMpeg MPEG-4, 1180kbps
Audio: 117kbps

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