Educating Eva(1985)

Production year: 1985
Country: United States
Genre: Classic, Facial, Anal, Double Penetration, Hardcore, All Sex
Duration: 1:19:58
Language: English
Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
File Size:1.23 Gb

Starring: Desiree Lane, Kristara Barrington, Sunny Glick, Lisa Lake, Dan T. Mann, Nick Niter, Dorothy Onan, Francois Papillon, Karen Summer

Description: The story is about cute, blonde co-ed, Desiree Lane who has a crush on an exchange student and a professor, who has a crush on her. She can not stop herself getting involved in extracurricular activities (involving other guys or girls). The exchange student is not exactly crazy about the stuff she gets up to and decides she's a bit too much for him to handle so he goes off with someone else. The professor pines for Desiree (but still gets a little on the side with his secretary after she rebuffs him). Eventually Desiree comes to her senses and realizes that it's the professor that she really wants.